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What is The Garcia Method?

A proven disciplined and structured approach to learn closely held time saving secrets for trading and portfolio management with a clear direction and a clear path.

  • the best way to quickly look at the markets and know what to do.

  • a wholistic systematic institutional approach to market operations.

  • a structured approach to speculating and investing in the markets

  • a simple and repeatable process that gets you a predictable results.

  • a merging of fundamental, technical, quantitative, and behavioral

Can The Garcia Method Help?

  • take advantage of discrepancies between "price" and "value“

  • empty the pockets of crack traders and their backers

  • make decisions easier and avoid pain

  • you don't have to reconsider every decision from scratch

  • know the better or worse times for certain actions

  • you don't have to understand every investment environment anew

  • have less chance of being blind sided

  • master recurring patterns for your betterment

  • gain a view on how the markets work

  • prepare for the financial future

  • bet on sure things instead of throwing darts at a board.

  • win the game before it is even played.

  • learn how to tilt the odds in your favor

  • learn how the big dogs approach the market

  • learn trend following and mean reversion strategies

  • absorb the best qualities of the work of others

  • use the experience of others to avoid the pitfalls that snared them.

  • play the game without the need for certainty

  • know where you stand in the historic context of the market

  • change your investment stance as things change.

  • have a knowledge advantage regarding the long run.

  • learn to recognize cycles and do what they tell you to do

  • understand concepts that the average investor doesn't know

  • and so much more…